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As a lawyer, the topic of SEO or search engine optimization may seem mysterious and confusing. It is a technical specialty not that unlike the practice of law. What you do need to know is that keywords are how people locate you using a Google search. The rules of how to optimize a website continues to change as Google keep changing.

The keywords you select help you target the right clients. These are the clients most likely to call you. Search engine optimization is the process of selecting the right keyword phrases, applying these properly to your website content and procuring links from other relevant websites (backlinking). So why is SEO important to an attorney?

  1. More clients: When a lawyer’s website is on the first page of Google, more clients will call and come into your office. According to a Cornell University study, the top three search engine results receive 79.6% of the clicks by searchers. Top search positions, mean more website visitors and therefore more clients.
  2. Lower costs: Internet marketing is lower in cost and has a higher conversion rate that traditional media such as direct mail or yellow pages. This is why businesses have been shifting their ad budgets to Internet marketing and slashing their traditional media ad budgets. This is according to a 2009 study by the Kelsey Group.
  3. Targeting: SEO allows you to better target and qualify prospective clients. For local clients, you will need to apply local SEO techniques. People search for local businesses by combining city, state, zip code and area code with broader keyword phrases.
  4. Branding: People normally perceive a top Google ranking means as a higher quality and more established firm. Visitors naturally expect HP to come up high in the rankings when they search for computers. Higher search rankings translate into higher trust of your firm.

SEO can make a powerful difference in any business, but particularly in a law practice where people have an immediate need and use search rankings as part of their attorney selection criteria. Choose a SEO firm that can demonstrate the SEO results they have obtained for other clients. The sooner you start the SEO process, the sooner you phone will start ringing.