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YouTube announced on Thursday that the limit on uploaded videos has been increased, to 15 minutes.

That’s for everyone, of course. YouTube Partners don’t have a time limit, but rather a size limit of 20GB.

For those who want to earn, via video, their 15 minutes of fame, YouTube has a contest. if you tag your video with “yt15minutes” nadupload it by Wednesday, August 4, you may be among the select few that YouTube will feature on their homepage in the future spotlight.

One caveat: if you have a video that was too long before, but fits under the 15 minute limit now, YouTube has the following warning:

One final note: if you’re uploading a video that was previously rejected for being too long, you’ll have to go into “My Videos” and delete it before attempting to upload it again.

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College of southern California scientists show us a more efficient use of graphene solar panels

Can you imagine people powering their cellphone or music/video device while jogging under the sun?

A University of Southern California team has produced flexible transparent carbon atom films that may have great potential for a new breed of solar cells.

Inside a paper recently published in the journal ACS Nano, researchers stated that organic photovoltaic (OPV) cells have been proposed as a means to achieve cheap energy due to their ease of manufacture, light-weight, and compatibility with flexible substrates.

This work indicates that graphene, an extremely conductive and highly transparent type of carbon made up of atoms-thick sheets of carbon atoms, has high potential to fill this role.

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Android sales have skyrocketed in the UK with a whopping 350 per cent increase in the first three months of 2010.
The Daily Mail said: “The surge has accompanied a general rise in the consumer uptake of smartphones as people come to the end of their old mobile contracts.”

The huge increase in Android sales is all the more remarkable given that in the same period sales of contract phones only rose by 1 per cent.

GfK Retail and Technology has published research to show that Android smartphones now cover a 13 per cent share of UK smartphone contracts. At the start of 2010 this was only 3 per cent.

GfK analyst Megan Baldock said: “The figures suggest that an increasing number of consumers are now asking for Android handsets by name”.

“Operating Systems such as the Android OS are now becoming a key selling point in their own right.”
ZDNet also covered the news surmising that recently launched handsets such as the HTC Desire and Samsung Galaxy S have been extremely popular, which in turn has contributed to the amazing sales numbers.

Meanwhile the Register commented on the effects of the growth for Apple saying that the outlook was not good: “Apple, conversely, saw its UK market share decline from 75 per cent to 64 per cent during the same period.”

Many were disappointed when the Galaxy S Series was announced, and there was no Video-Out option. Then the news slowly trickled out that the Galaxy S supports Video-Out via its 3.5mm headphone jack (as also seen with the Droid Incredible and Droid Eris). But complaints about poor quality and aspect ratio issues have really caused many consumers to want more out of their high-end device. Well, today Samsung leaked the news that the Galaxy S line fully supports HDMI through its microUSB port. That means for you Vibrant and Captivate owners, and those considering the Epic 4G and Fascinate, will soon have the ability to play high definition video via a microUSB-to-HDMI cable. Although the special cable is not available yet, Samsung promises it is coming soon.

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