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The last session of the day and my back is thankful for that. Here are some great insights from the site clinic:


  • URL’s should be short and descriptive, not full of unknown parameters
  • Have text behind an image
  • Use header tags
  • Don’t use session id’s
  • 404 error page could be improved
  • Make sure www and non-www resolve to the same place
  • Price of a product should be next to the cart
  • Use breadcrumbs
  • More information in the title tags-watch out for kw stuffing


  • Can’t be found in top few results for strollers
  • *Barry just got pwned*
  • Should be easy to navigate
  • Title is home page=not good
  • Should be social media promotion
  • Very little content/information
  • No alt tags


  • Too many links on product page and home page
  • Too much stuffing of DVD in anchor text
  • User experience could be better, Greg calls it ‘wonky’
  • Use RSS feeds to create content from mash ups
  • Use o-desk to find freelancers
  • Deep category level linking, pick top 10 categories, go after those


  • Clean layout
  • Phone number where you would expect it
  • Straight to the point
  • Good listing of brands
  • Footer has too many links
  • 404 page is not great
  • Big homepage (1.5 Megs), should be a tenth of that
  • Lots of links on the homepage, but no content
  • Too many directories sending links
  • Lots of links to non-existent pages
  • Too many links coming from too few sites
  • Good design
  • Good ratings and energy efficient data

Thanks for a great conference SMX, be safe on the boat and enjoy your long weekend everybody.

How to rank well for local?

Get links with your city name in them to link to you. Make sure your listing across multiple databases are correct, i.e. yellow pages, yelp etc. Have a different page for each different location. Also use abbreviations for your organisation. Same for mobile search, trigger for universal on mobile is slightly different, triggers are more sensitive on mobile, use GPS in your micro formats to rank in mobile local search.

What’s the relationship between the sitemap xml file pages indexed and PR?
The higher your pagerank, the deeper your content will be crawled in your site.

Using sub categories can be really useful. But you need to be careful as Google does not show indented results across sub domains. Indented results give a much higher click through rate.If you have too many sub domains yahoo will probably ban you. Bing is stupid re sub domains ( from Greg). Useful for bigger sites not smaller sites.

That’s the end of day 1, thanks for a great day everybody

Good Morning Everybody, there are a couple of bloodshot eyes and weary heads here at SMX Sydney, for one I am not one of them, yay. And now a stupid joke to wake everyone up.

A vulture gets on a transatlantic flight with a dead animal in each claw.
The flight attendant stops him, and says “I’m sorry, sir, only one piece of carrion per passenger allowed”. Hehe, now on with the show.

This is a panel discussion with Chris Sherman, Andrew Goodman, Gillian Muesigg, Alex Parsons and Marty Weintrub.

The change in search is that it has grown massively, it has come into it’s own. We are only getting into developing strategy, Facebook is not strategy, PPC is not strategy, they are tactics to implement a digital strategy.

Ebay’s main promotion was online. it was a decision that was derided but ultimately proved effective. Companies have become spoiled by direct response. Companies are always measuring their performance. Companies are not just satisfied with a brand benefit from search. Cheapest time is now to buy ‘brand mindshare’. Companies are going to have to get creative as there is a limited amount of SEM inventory available. People are measuring different type of metrics, like number of fans to a page, measuring depth of engagement of a blog, how many people are commenting ?

We are getting much more information about demographics. The trade-off is privacy concerns. Are we ready to move to a society where there is even less privacy. Australia may be more open to less privacy due to the inherent confidence in OZ. Younger people are more likely to be open to less privacy in the future.

Postulate seems to be the word of the morning, I postulate.

There is a massive amount of information that you can bring out of Facebook. you can market to a guy and his friends who will persuade him to purchase a product. The recession was a great time to be in search. Before that, there was no attribution, when ever dollar counts, you need to think about attribution. The early adopter, metric driven companies will be the winners.

Google is not the only way to go, Yandex, Baidu are all useful, when you utilise them correctly. Shouldn’t target different countries using different search engines, right now anyway, consolidate your efforts.

In 5 years what are we going to be talking about:

Alex Parsons- Something to do with mobile, video and broadband etc. You have that device with you everywhere, you can do anything with it, how do we reach our consumers through that kind of device.

Marty Weintrub-More government intervention. Shifts in regulation and insurrection of the masses

Andrew Goodman-Somebody will make sense how best to give something away to get into people’s good books. Fibre optics is a good example.

Gillian Muesigg-Those databases with everyone’s information. How far can they go ? Our tools will be different, the web will become more mobile.

Good first session to get us going this morning, I will be relocating for the first time to ballroom b, enjoy the break

Nielsen says that 70% of Australian companies are looking to get into social media. People in Australia spend 6 hours a day (or week, Cathie is not sure, hmmm).

Effective Social Media

  • Integrated at strategic and tactical levels
  • buy in from the top down
  • opt-in from the bottom up

Developing a SM startegy

  • Social web audit-measure the start point in order to demonstrate ROI
  • Develop insights from data
  • Monitoring and management
  • Integrate touchpoints-make search social, know where people are talking about you

Nestle’s share price plummeted when they were embroiled in a PR nightmare and exacerbated this by trying to strong hand people on their Facebook page.

Free SM tools

  • Tweetreach
  • Twitter Sentiment
  • Issue Crawler
  • Social Mention
  • Bit.ly

Main points

  • track
  • measure
  • iterate,measure
  • rinse and repeat

A nice presso, thanks Cathie :)