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The last session of the day and my back is thankful for that. Here are some great insights from the site clinic:


  • URL’s should be short and descriptive, not full of unknown parameters
  • Have text behind an image
  • Use header tags
  • Don’t use session id’s
  • 404 error page could be improved
  • Make sure www and non-www resolve to the same place
  • Price of a product should be next to the cart
  • Use breadcrumbs
  • More information in the title tags-watch out for kw stuffing


  • Can’t be found in top few results for strollers
  • *Barry just got pwned*
  • Should be easy to navigate
  • Title is home page=not good
  • Should be social media promotion
  • Very little content/information
  • No alt tags


  • Too many links on product page and home page
  • Too much stuffing of DVD in anchor text
  • User experience could be better, Greg calls it ‘wonky’
  • Use RSS feeds to create content from mash ups
  • Use o-desk to find freelancers
  • Deep category level linking, pick top 10 categories, go after those


  • Clean layout
  • Phone number where you would expect it
  • Straight to the point
  • Good listing of brands
  • Footer has too many links
  • 404 page is not great
  • Big homepage (1.5 Megs), should be a tenth of that
  • Lots of links on the homepage, but no content
  • Too many directories sending links
  • Lots of links to non-existent pages
  • Too many links coming from too few sites
  • Good design
  • Good ratings and energy efficient data

Thanks for a great conference SMX, be safe on the boat and enjoy your long weekend everybody.

Dennis YU is next up, he has had some bad publicity lately from some pretty respectable people. So lets see what he has to say.

Facebook is not AdWords. It is about identity, not queries.

Top 12 keywords, I did miss one, sorry.

  • Simpsons
  • House
  • Family guy
  • Music
  • Barack Obama
  • Dormir
  • Grey’s anatomy
  • Chocolate
  • Friends
  • Nutella
  • Sleeping

Facebook is the top of the funnel, its for demand generation, not demand harvesting.74% of Facebook comes from local. Facebook=Adwords circa 2003. Interest trageting is a really useful feature. The best thing is targeting when directing them to your page, you can target friends of a fan of a page. Forget CPC in Facebook advertising. Use CPM, it’s more effective. Micro targeting by demographic and company in addition with conversion tracking is NB.

Big differences between Google and Facebook, FB is evolving and getting better at things. Pictures on FB help a lot! FB has to decide what’s ‘interesting’ to show in newsfeed. The greater the amount of fans, the greater each fan is worth to you, due to the viral multiplier effect. Asking questions, promotes interactions, ask people to take action. Bruce Clay gets a shout out for their good FB page, nice work Mr Orliac.

Show your clients how many fans that their competitors have.Not a bad presentation Dennis,nicely done.

I managed to have a chat to Greg last year on the boat ride, he’s great, awesome to see him back again. Let’s hear what he has to say on Avoiding Search Engine Penalties.

google.com.au/webmasters-Greg’s most important take away

  • Ranking is the process by which S.E’s order results. In 2009 google released 500 ranking adjustments
  • Penalties are downward ranking adjustments, reserved for removing spam, malware, phishing etc
  • Penalties are a tiny fraction of ranking changes.

SPAM= Sites Positioned Above Mine. if you are making pages only for S.E’s you are on the wrong track.

Sneaky redirects are a form of cloaking. Poor quality links and paid links that are not disclosed are also examples of spam. Google is ridiculously good at this (according to Greg).


  • Reciprocal links
  • Hidden links
  • Bad neighbourhoods
  • Outgoing links that could affect your reputation

Bad links simply won’t pass any value.

How Google handles spam

  • Google will tell you through GWT that they think you are being spammy. Fix it and then submit a re-inclusion request.
  • Prevent spam through captcha, moderating and being careful with logins and passwords.

It was a little disappointing that Greg’s presentation was almost exactly the same as last year, good for people who haven’t heard it, a little boring for people who have.

Does a penalty stay in place until the offending act is removed or until a re-inclusion request ?

It depends, sometimes you need to file a request and sometimes it just happens by algorithm.

Can you I.P deliver by country for specific words ?

Yes ,that’s fine

How can you remove past events ?

You would need to remove this page, it is not recommended. Google is aware of the problem and is working on it.

Sometimes 301’s won’t pass anchor text or PR, if you are not doing anything bad, you should be fine, Danny says 90-95% or PR is passed on his tests.

This was actually a really good Q & A session, for some reason I am not that stupendous at live blogging Q & A ‘s, I would recommend checking out Kalena’s coverage or Silver pistol in addition to this blog.